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President's Message

I am honored to be your incoming President and acknowledge the leadership provided by Clint Pletzer and last year’s board members. I welcome new and returning board members who will fulfill their duties successfully. As the Central Florida Chapter President, I will move forward with planned initiatives and projects.

To get the full value of your FES membership, get involved. Our chapter offers numerous opportunities to participate in committees, activities, and community service events. Increase your technical expertise and gain personal satisfaction from helping others, mentoring young professionals, and motivating future engineers.

We have exciting events lined up this year, including the annual conference in Marco Island, the Fall Bowling Event, luncheon sessions, and the annual Golf Tournament. We aim to grow our chapter membership and encourage involvement.

A big shoutout to Francina Gil and Angel Rivera for updating our website. We're launching a sponsorship program for companies to support our efforts. Our chapter is releasing a sponsorship program for companies to help support our efforts to gather additional donations to promote events and scholarships. We encourage our engineering company partners to participate in supporting our chapter goals and take advantage of the benefits we will include in this program. Thanks to all the volunteers and committee leads for their hard work.

Our UCF student chapter is up and running, thanks to Clint Pletzer and Alex Jimenez. I look forward to working with them to promote their development.

Thank you for the privilege of serving as your president this year. Together, we can achieve all our goals and continue to succeed. Your support makes it possible.

Alfredo Rodriguez.jpg

Alfredo Rodriguez, PE

Meet The Board Members

Chris Frank.png

Chris Frank, PE


Nate Wilbur, PE

Sameer Ambare.jpg

Sameer Ambare, PE, PMP

Clint Pletzer, PE
Past President

Clint Pletzer.webp

Eric McAra, PE
State Director

Calendar of Events

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